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1] What is behavioural optometry?

It is an approach whereby we consider your vision beyond the extent of your sight. That is, ensuring that your eyes not only have good sight, but also able to work together efficiently and give you comfortable vision.

2] How often should I have my eyes tested?

For children: at 6 months, 2 years, 5 years of age then every two years thereafter

For adults: every 2 years.

In both cases, this is the recommended frequency in the absence of any abnormalities, whereby we may recommend more frequent visits on an individual basis.

3] Why should I have my eyes tested?

The reasons vary depending on whether it is for a child or an adult. A child should have their eyes tested to ensure for healthy development of the eyes. There have been children in the past who have had lazy eyes and high prescriptions picked up purely because their parents happened to bring them in for an eye test. Such instances are examples of how a parent may not always be aware that their children cannot see.

For adults, routine eye tests are necessary to ensure good eye health. Diseases such as age-related macular degneration and glaucoma are often not symptomatic and can be silently affecting your vision without your knowledge.

4] How long will an eye test take?

An initial examination will take between half an hour to 45 minutes. Additional testing will be scheduled if necessary. Subsequent or review visits vary in length.

5] What is the cost of a consultation?

The cost of a consultation varies according to age and the services provided. Most consultations with our optometrists are eligible for a Medicare rebate, that we can claim for you after your appointment.

For most of our services, concession rates are available for health care card holders.

6] Why should I get my glasses from Bullcreek Optometrist?

We pride ourselves on our range of frames and our access to quality, Australian made lenses to ensure the highest quality finished product. To ensure that you can obtain the prescription we have recommended, it is best to purchase your products with us.

A small portion of people can have difficulty adjusting to new lenses and frames. When you have a spectacle prescription made through us, we will make every effort to help you adapt to your new spectacles, even if it involves modifying the lenses. .