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Here at Bullcreek Optometrist, we cater to people of all ages, and we also have a lot of experience with the little ones. Behavioural optometry is our passion so you can be sure that we take into consideration things beyond your eyeballs.
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Vision Therapy

If you're experiencing visually-based learning difficulties, sometimes visual training is the road to long-term results.
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Visual Perception

We assess visual processing skills that are essential for tasks such as reading and writing. 
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OrthoK contact lenses do their job while you sleep to give you functional vision during the day without visual aids. 
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If there's a deeper issue, we can see what is happening below the surface of your eye, leading to earlier detection and better treatment. 
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Children's Vision

Your children have dynamic visual systems which need special care. Our tests ensure that their evolving visual needs are considered. 
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Comprehensive Test

We don’t just test your vision, but check to make sure you have healthy eye structures too.
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