There are many types of lenses available. Different lenses may be recommended depending on the type of activities you engage in.

Single vision lenses

These are lenses with the same power throughout the whole lens. They are often prescribed for distance (e.g. driving/watching TV) or near (e.g. reading) tasks. Sometimes they can be used for all types of activities if a person has the same prescription for both distance and near.  


Multifocal lenses

These lenses have a range of powers within the one lens. Often the upper portion is devoted to distance tasks whilst the lower portion for near tasks. Unlike a bifocal, there is no line visible, which means a smooth transition from your distance to near vision. If you have not tried multifocals before, it may take a couple of weeks to get used to the transition. There are many types of multifocal lenses and our staff will set you up with the best option for your visual needs.


Computer lenses

These are also known as extended focus lens. They are mostly prescribed for people who are on the computer for an extended period of time. They're similar to a pair of reading glasses with one major difference - the power shift within the lens allows for clear vision for both the computer and any form of off-screen reading that is closer to you.


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