May is Macula Month!

Macula Month 2018

May is Macula Month!   

Many Australians are at risk of developing macular disease but just don’t know it. If you’re over 50 or living with diabetes you’re risk is even greater. By adopting the healthy habits below you will help minimise your risk of vision loss from macular disease, whether you have been diagnosed with the disease or not.  

How many of these “healthy habits” can you tick off?

  • I don’t smoke
  • I eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • I eat dark green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit daily
  • I eat fish two to three times a week
  • I choose low glycemic index (low GI) carbohydrates instead of high GI
  • I eat a handful of nuts a week
  • I limit the intake of fats and oils
  • I keep a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly
  • I have a regular comprehensive eye test and macula check  

Regular comprehensive eye tests including a macula check are essential for monitoring eye health and signs of macular disease. If it's been a while between visits, get in contact to book an appointment with us this May!

You can also download the free Macular Menu e-cookbook, filled with a range of delicious and nutritious recipes contributed from celebrities, chefs, eye health professionals, and foodies from our macular disease community.
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