Vivid Vision Virtual Reality is here!

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We have an exciting new addition to our Vision Therapy program -the Vivid Vision virtual reality!

We’re proud to be one of approximately 300 practices worldwide that provide the Vivid Vision Vision Therapy training system. Vivid Vision uses virtual reality technology to help treat binocular vision issues like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turn), and vergence disorders (eye teaming).

How does it work?

The patient wears a headset to immerse them into a computer generated environment. Vivid Vision has a variety of fun games that the patient interacts with in the virtual environment. While it may sound like just play time, the virtual reality games are expertly constructed to improve visual clarity for amblyopic patients, improve depth perception, and other visual problems by selecting the visual information that each eye receives. This stimulates the brain to use both eyes together as a team and strengthen binocular vision.

Each game targets different vision issues, so our Vision Therapist will select the games that are best suited to the patient’s individual therapy program. During a Vivid Vision session, the Vision Therapist monitors the patient’s performance and makes adjustments to the game’s settings according to the patient’s progress.

To see some of the games in action check out the video below.