Darrell Baker


Darrell graduated in Johannesburg in 1986, and later worked in Zimbabwe and the UK, before migrating to Australia in 1999, where he worked as a partner in an independent practice for twelve years providing comprehensive optometric services to a wide range of patients. He has a keen interest in contact lens fitting, Orthokeratology, and management of neurological disorders, as well as furthering the profession through his roles as Past President of Optometry WA and currently, Vice-President of the national board of Optometry Australia.

In his spare time, Darrell plays a bit of guitar, loves all sport, and is a keen Crossfit participant, trainer and competitor.



Optometrist, Gary Crerie, started the Bullcreek Optometrist practice in 1981. Gary has been a vital member of the optical community in WA, with a long history of driving growth in various organisations throughout WA.

Among his list of notable achievements, he served as the inaugural optical consultant to VisAbility (formerly Association for the Blind of WA), the inaugural chairman of peer groups Paediatric Interest group, OEP (WA), and Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists (WA), as well as the ProVision Board and Optometry WA Board for 15 years and 35 years respectively. Gary also sets aside two weeks a year to work with Aboriginal communities in rural and remote WA and regularly assists at clinics for the homeless in Perth and Fremantle.  



Nicole completed her Optometry qualifications in the UK in 1999. Since then she has practised in Northern England, Albany and Perth. Nicole provides optometric care for young adults through to the elderly, including contact lens wearers. Outside of work, Nicole has a busy family life and enjoys bike rides and the countryside.

Robert Burnie


Robert graduated optometry in New Zealand before making the jump across the ditch to sunny Australia. Prior to Optometry, he also completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in neuroscience. Robert is particularly interested in how traumatic brain injuries and degenerative disorders can affect vision and how he can provide optometric care in these cases.



Jill has worked as an Occupational Therapist for almost 30 years. Whilst attending a conference in Denver Colorado in 1986, Jill learned from global experts in visual perception and assessments and brought back cutting-edge techniques to introduce to the optometry community in WA. The skills she learned have since evolved but are widely used within our state, and Australia in general.

Bullcreek Optometrists are one of the few practices in Perth offering visual processing assessments and Jill is still a leader in this field, training students in the assessment and treatment of visual processing and fine motor difficulties.