Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is used to help children and adults develop efficient visual skills. Vision therapy is prescribed following a comprehensive assessment of visual abilities by one of our Optometrists. When we prescribe a vision training program, we set activities designed to improve visual skills according to an individual’s specific needs.

Common reasons for therapy include:

  • weakness in mechanical eye skills like converging eyes,

  • diverging eyes,

  • tracking objects,

  • maintaining near focus,

  • changing focus; and

  • focusing delays such as span of focus, focus flexibility or focus ranges.

We can also use vision training to treat Strabismus (eye turn), Amblyopia (lazy eye), visual perceptual delays, depth perception problems, and general sight problems.

Vivid Vision

We are a Vivid Vision Certified Provider and incorporate the Vivid Vision virtual reality clinical and at-home training within our therapy program. This powerful vision therapy tool features fun virtual reality games to help motivate and improve a range of visual skills.

Vivid Vision